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What makes a good student?

  1. Never tire of learning. A good student can learn anywhere, anytime. This is the secret of knowledge.
  2. A good student must be willing to sacrifice for his art and his instructor. Many students feel that their training is a commodity bought with monthly fees and are unwilling to take part in any demonstrations, teaching or work around the Do-Jang. An instructor can afford to lose this type of student.
  3. Always set a good example to lower ranking students. It is only natural that they attempt to emulate their seniors.
  4. Always be loyal and never criticise the instructor, Taekwon-Do or the teaching methods.
  5. If an instructor teaches a technique, practice it and attempt to utilise it.
  6. A student’s conduct outside the Do-Jang reflects on the art and the instructor.
  7. If a student adopts a technique from another Do-Jang and the instructor disapproves, the student must discard it immediately, or train in the Do-Jang where it was learnt.
  8. Never be disrespectful to the instructor.